Our company is made up of consultants, property finder specialists, accountants, lawyers, civil engineers, public notaries, who rely on their knowledge and experience to make your visa application a very fast and pleasant process. 

We would like to present you the Greek Golden Visa program which enables visa-free travel to all countries within the Schengen Area, it is one of the most competitive and affordable programs in Europe. With a purchase of €250,000 only, you and your family can reside, travel, receive healthcare or pursue education anywhere within the EU. This program is one of the best ways to make your wishes come true as you have a wonderful place to live. Greek program enable PR holders to apply for Greek (EU) citizenship. 

The Greek Golden Visa covers the investor, the spouse, unmarried dependent children up to the age of 24 and the dependent parents of both spouses. The permit has unlimited validity as long as the buyer is in possession of the asset and is easily renewed every 5 years by presenting the property’s title deed to the competent authority. 

No minimum stay required, access to healthcare and education, offers the right to apply for EU citizen. As a Greek permanent residency cardholder, you will enjoy the same rights as Greek nationals and you have to note, Greece offers a high quality of life. 

Our company can provide you with your require and ideal property. We are enable to help you to receive a Greek Tax Number, to open a Greek Bank account, to help find the ideal property, implement and complete the purchase and sign the sales agreement (in addition to any power of attorney documents if required ) and complete the Documents for a Greek Golden Visa with the help of our lawyers as well.


A Beautiful Place to... Invest!

To choose Greece is to choose an exciting country, in the south east Coast of Europe, to invest and buy high quality services and products. It is also the choice for a privileged, geographically strategic location, ideal for those seeking to supply the European market or expand their businesses to other parts of the world. As a member of the EU and the Eurozone, Greece offers access to high-growth and emerging regional markets, being an excellent gateway -without any trade barriers- to more than 140 million consumers in Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean.

The beginning of 2021 sees strong signals that Greece keeps drawing a horde of foreign investors. Enterprise Greece, the official body under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in promoting trade and foreign investments in the country, is currently reviewing 20 proposals for projects worth over €7 billion.

In fact, giant enterprises like Microsoft, Amazon, Volkswagen, Pfizer and Tesla have set foot in expanding their businesses in Greece. Another sign that the country possesses varied investment potentials beyond tourism.

Living in Greece..

Things to Do and See in Greece

Revered for its rich history, Mediterranean climate, and diverse topography comprising pristine beaches, mountains, and bucolic countryside, Greece is one of the world’s top 20 tourist destinations.
Immediate Solutions Services is active since 1996 in guiding clients who wish to buy a house/Hotel/land in Greece.

Real Estate Agency

We support you as an agent in the purchase and sale of Greek real estate (new or existing houses, villas, apartments, plots, etc.). Do you want to buy a second home in Greece? Our properties include real estate throughout Greece: in Crete, Peloponnese, Pelion, Lefkada, Corfu, Cyclades, Thassos, Kos, Samos, Rhodes and many other Greek islands and regions. The houses on offer can fit every budget, from low-priced villas and town homes to exclusive villas or luxury villas on the beach.

Property consultancy

We offer full legal support for the entire purchasing process (cadastral survey, drafting contracts, settlement at the notary, etc.) even if you have found your home or property, anywhere in Greece.

We offer expert advice and guidance on almost everything relating to Greek real estate: guidance for building your own home, assisting in the realization of new construction projects, settling inheritances and gifts, translation of purchase agreements and contracts, legal and tax advice etc . We know Greece like no other!
With 25 years of experience in Greece in collaboration with International clients (Israelis, Arabic Countries, Russians, Chinese’s, Americans etc) we guarantee according our professional experienced team of specialized technical advice to offer 24/7 services of the highest quality for Real Estate – Golden Visa

Fast, Reliably, Effective!

Required Documents

For The Greek Golden Visa

The Applicant can sign the final sales contract and submit the application through a power of attorney.

  • Birth certificate for each person
  • Valid copy of all family’s passport
  • Copy of the final sales contract of property with minimum value of €250,000
  • Certificate (of title deed) from the Land Registry Office
  • Residence Permit Application: €2,000 per adult
  • ~Residence Permit Application: € 150 per each one of the family members + 16 per each person for fingerprints.
  • Insurance policy
  • Four recent color photographs and cd.

For the applicant’s family members (spouse, children): additional recent certificate of marital or family status, translated and bearing the required stamp,(apostille or stamp from the Greek Consulate and the third country’s ministry for foreign affairs)proving the relationship.

We are also able with our lawyers to offer potential investors the solution of the residence permit for Financially Independent Persons covering the whole process.


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